Our Preschool in Jefferson is a Great Place to Start | Celebree School

When you want to ensure your child has the best start possible in school, turn to Celebree School® of Frederick for help. With our preschool programs, open to families across the Jefferson and Frederick, MD area, we can instill in your son or daughter all the key skills, knowledge, and confidence they need for a successful start to kindergarten. Not only that, but we do so in a way that focuses on the whole child, so they’re learning and growing holistically and having fun doing it. 

How Our Preschool in Jefferson Will Get your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Once preschool is done, children entering kindergarten in the Jefferson area are expected to know a lot. But you don’t have to be stressed about it when they’re at Celebree School of Frederick. Not only will we ensure your child gains all the right skills for success in kindergarten and the school experience ahead, but that they learn at their own pace, so they’re comfortable too. We also offer many different enriching activities, projects, and opportunities, so your child is both well-rounded and happy in our safe and secure environment in Jefferson.

With the preschool programs at Celebree School of Frederick, you can expect:

  • Highly trained teachers who are nurturing and encouraging, working hard with your child to bring out their best.
  • A curriculum that we personalize around the specific needs of each child and their learning style to ensure it’s as effective as possible.
  • An introduction to math and science, as well as a focus on early literacy and fine and gross motor skills.
  • Days filled with structured and free play to facilitate growth in social and conflict resolution skills.
  • An emphasis on becoming more independent in a safe and secure environment. 

Enroll Now at Celebree School of Frederick for Preschool Programs in Jefferson

Celebree School of Frederick is a top choice in Jefferson for our preschool programs. They adhere to the Maryland Early Learning Standards, so you can rest assured your child is getting the best possible education, while having a great time with new friends. Our programs are available for children ages two to five and open to families in:

  • Jefferson
  • Frederick
  • Ballenger Creek
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To set up a visit and find out more about our preschool in Jefferson, MD – and whether it’s right for your child – simply call Celebree School of Frederick at (301) 620-9990 today.