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Big Adventures Begin With Tiny Steps

Toddlers find joy and wonder in the simplest experiences, as life becomes three-dimensional for them. They are always on the go, and challenging their newly discovered mobility. We encourage them in a stimulating but protected environment with our toddler day care program. Our educators ensure their exploration is both safe and fun, while integrating the key components of early childhood education.

Toddler Program at Celebree

Our Toddler Program

At Celebree School, our toddler day care program focuses on building good habits and practicing new skills. Our classrooms are designed to help children develop social skills and learn about their environment. Within the classroom, there are centers where toddlers exercise and develop their creativity and imagination.

Education You Can Trust

Dedicated and highly trained teachers make learning fun and enjoyable while implementing Celebree School’s early childhood education curriculum. Teachers plan developmentally-appropriate language and literacy group activities, math and science exploration time. Healthy eating habits and self-help skills are encouraged.

Our toddler program sets the excellence standard for all early childhood education centers focusing on preschool and kindergarten readiness.

Persona Spaces

Personal Spaces

Each child has his or her own cot and cubby for their personal belongings. Individual spaces around the classroom are dedicated to various aspects of learning and play.

Family-Teacher Partnership

Family-Teacher Partnership

We cultivate a partnership between our parents and educators to provide the best environment for our toddlers. To maintain the schedule they follow at home, parents provide a detailed and updated schedule of their child’s activities.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports

Teachers prepare a semi-annual Progress Report to chart and display each child’s growth and success, allowing for comparison to past quarters to develop an individualized plan for growth.

Daily Reports

Daily Reports

Each evening, teachers provide parents with a report of their child’s day. All meal times, diaper changes, nap times, and play times are documented.

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