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Infant Care for Your Little One


Yes, Even a 3 Month Old Has a Curriculum

Our dedicated early childhood educators prioritize your infant’s well-being and developmental requirements. When you enroll at Celebree School, we’ll customize a care plan based on your child’s unique needs through in-depth conversations.

Infant Program at Celebree

Our Infant Program

When you come to visit us, we will take you through every aspect of our infant child care plans, but here are a few highlights:

  • Infants are assigned to a primary caregiver
  • Infants are rocked to sleep and held for feedings
  • Morning check ins conducted daily to discuss when baby has last eaten, slept and changed
  • Evening check-ins provide a daily report/document all meal times, diaper changes, nap times and play times
  • Exclusive classrooms by age group to cater to growing needs: 6 weeks to 9 months & 9 months to 18 months

Our daily communications enable parents and teachers, as partners, to provide a consistency between home and school that makes your baby feel secure.

Individual Care Plans

Infant development is a dynamic process, so personalized goals and lesson plans are essential to meet their unique needs. At Celebree School, we focus on:

  • Personal and social development
  • Language development
  • Physical development
  • Recognizing and documenting infant milestones
  • Gross and fine motor activities
  • Simple sign language
Individual Care Plans
Contact your local Celebree School to schedule a visit and experience our Infant Program today.


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