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Preschool Programs in Frederick: Combining Education and Fun

student drawing during one of the preschool programs in Frederick

Celebree School® of Frederick is a school to grow on. Through our preschool programs, open to two, three, four and five-year-olds across Frederick, MD, we will help your child build on what they know and confidently prepare for kindergarten. Our goal is to build a solid educational foundation, so they can make the transition seamlessly to kindergarten and the elementary years. During their learning experience with us, they’ll gain respect for themselves and others, all in an environment in which they feel safe to explore, encouraged to share, and comfortable moving at their own pace.

At Celebree School of Frederick, our preschool programs offer your child the best of both worlds: skill-building in critical areas, including literacy, number concepts, communication and cooperation. At the same time, instruction is balanced by plenty of creative, hands-on activities, keeping them interested and engaged. As a result, their days spent with us are maximized to the fullest, helping them to reach their potential and soar. 

Our Frederick Preschool Programs Promote Kindergarten Readiness

There’s no greater joy then watching your child grow and develop into a successful, lifelong learner. With the preschool program at our School in Frederick, we provide the launching pad for it all. Learn more about preschool in Frederick.

Our team of dedicated educators will take the time to assess your child, so we have a clear understanding of their developmental level and learning needs. We can then provide instruction fine-tuned in terms of how we instruct and interact with your child. Our goal is to foster confidence and put them on the path to becoming an independent learner. Along the way, we use individual portfolios and the Work Sampling System to track their progress.

During each day at Celebree School of Frederick’s preschool programs, we place an emphasis on:

  • Literacy and language skills
  • Socialization skills
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Phonetic awareness
  • Self-help skills
  • Confidence
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • And more

With Celebree School of Frederick’s preschool programs, we can provide your child with a secure learning environment in which they’ll thrive as they get ready for kindergarten. Our programming adheres to the Maryland Early Learning Standards, which provide common goals for parents and teachers. As your child enters our three-year-old program and beyond, we will also begin to assess their progress and development in the Seven Domains of Learning to ensure they’re meeting kindergarten readiness milestones. 

Find out more today about our preschool programs by calling Celebree School of Frederick MD at (301) 620-9990 and setting up a visit.

7 Domains of Learning

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Personal and Social Development

Children learn to develop healthy relationships with adults and their peers while cultivating a positive personal identity.
Asset 16

Scientific Thinking

Children are taught to channel their natural curiosity to articulate questions and draw conclusions about the world around them.
Asset 17

Mathematical Thinking

This discipline focuses on numbers and their relationships, in addition to the geometric concepts that explain spatial awareness.
Asset 18

Language and Literacy

The basis of learning, this domain opens the door of communication through writing and drawing as well as grammar and comprehension.
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This sphere examines societal relationships based on social structures and the connections between people and their communities.
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The Arts

An exploration into visual arts, music, dance and theater, this domain celebrates distinctive expression of emotions and ideas.
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Physical Development and Health

Children are taught regard for health and nutrition in addition to the benefits of exercise to develop a strong mind and body.