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How We Support Early Development

When you entrust your baby to Celebree School® of Henrico, you’ll know they’re supported in every way. Through our infant care programs, we provide dedicated attention and care to every baby. Our warm and nurturing environment is the perfect place for your little one to start exploring the world around them safely.

From six weeks to nine months, your baby is constantly growing, learning, and developing. In addition to providing gentle care every day, we also encourage and celebrate these developmental milestones. Let’s review how we do that!

Celebrating Every Milestone During Infant Care

From day to day and month to month, babies experience lots of developmental milestones on a regular basis. Through our infant care programs in Henrico, here’s how we encourage these:

  • Motor abilities. Babies’ motor skills grow by leaps and bounds in the first nine months of life. They can go from lifting their heads to sitting up, crawling, and even standing up! When they’re still in those earliest weeks and months, we support them during feeding times. As they grow more independent in their movements, our safe and protected environment is a great place for them to explore freely!
  • Cognitive milestones. Your little one’s mind is constantly developing at this early age. They’ll start to track objects and people with their eyes and gain new interest in the world around them. Babies are constantly curious about new sensations, objects, and colors—and we give them plenty of these to enjoy! For example, through art projects, your little one can enjoy the tactile experience of creating a handprint or footprint. 
  • Communication skills. When babies start communicating, it’s a magical time. They can go from cooing to attempting their first words from six weeks to nine months! They may also begin responding to their own name and other words. To encourage their communication skills, we teach them a few simple types of sign language. That way, they can communicate even before they’ve learned words! We also introduce social play for little ones.

Discover The Joy of Celebree School of Henrico

Our infant care programs are available to little ones and their families in:

  • Henrico
  • Short Pump
  • Innsbrook
  • Glen Allen
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Why not discover the joy and magic of our infant care programs for yourself? To schedule a visit to Celebree School of Henrico, call (804) 415-4991.