Infant Care in Edgewater | Celebree School

Your baby is your biggest priority and you want him or her in a place that also puts your child at the top of the list. You’ll find it at Celebree School® of Annapolis. We offer infant care to families in Edgewater, Annapolis, and other nearby areas in the MD community. Our mission is to provide your precious little one with an environment that’s safe and warm, filled with snuggles and hugs, one that also encourages them to reach milestones and learn in new ways. 

Why Choose Our Infant Care in Edgewater

Celebree School of Annapolis has so much to offer families in and around Edgewater with our infant care program. First and foremost, your child will have their own teacher, for plenty of one-on-one interaction and attention, including being held and rocked. We know this kind of personal touch makes a world of difference for infants and helps them feel safe and secure, leading to an easier transition between home and school each day.

In addition to a high level of personal attention, we also offer plenty of parent communication. In fact, every single day, you’ll get a Celebree Tweet that details your child’s routine. From sleeping and eating to diaper changes, activities and more, you’ll know it all, so you feel like you were right there with your child. If at any time, you have any questions, concerns, or new challenges, just let us know. We’re not only here for your child, but to support you, too. 

Finally, we offer separate classrooms for infants in different stages. We understand that a baby that’s only a few weeks old has different needs than one who’s 18 months, which is why we separate them. Our classrooms include one for babies ages six weeks to nine months and the other for those nine months to 18 months. You can therefore rest easy your baby is in the best environment possible to nurture their growth and development. 

Celebree School of Annapolis is Infant Care in Edgewater that Families Can Count On

Countless families from all over Edgewater, Annapolis, and other nearby areas count on our infant care for the simple reason that they trust us. Our educators are trained in caring for babies in the youngest stages and know how to protect and nurture them, so they’re safe, warm, and well cared for every day and in every way. As they get older, they’ll be in an environment that encourages and supports all those “firsts,” so they’re meeting milestones in a way that’s appropriate for their age and stage. 

For more on our infant care for Edgewater, MD families, call Celebree School of Annapolis at (410) 571-5418 and set up your visit.