Day Care in Glen Burnie, MD: How We Foster Mathematical Thinking | Celebree School

At Celebree School® of Glen Burnie, we instill a love of learning – including math – from the start. In fact, our day care, open to children from six weeks to 12 years old in Glen Burnie, Ferndale, and nearby areas in MD, is designed to promote a range of mathematical thinking skills. We make the process fun, hands-on, and relate it to each child’s life, so your son or daughter is learning to recognize numbers, count, and develop spatial awareness in interesting and exciting ways. 

How Our Day Care Instills Early Math Skills

At Celebree School of Glen Burnie, our day care is dedicated to the whole child and helping them develop. That’s why we’ve integrated the Seven Domains of Learning into our curriculum. One of those domains is Mathematical Thinking and we weave it into everyday lessons and activities, so children are building skills in:

  • Number sense.This involves understanding numbers, their relationship with each other, and applying them to real-life situations. We bring numbers to life in the classroom and even outside in many engaging ways for children, from counting fingers and toes to counting down days to holidays and birthdays. 
  • Spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is your child’s perception of the physical world around them and we help them make sense of it by learning about shapes, sizes, points, lines, surfaces, and solids. We also introduce concepts, like more and less and near and far, as children progress.
  • Measuring.Measuring is a key part of life and an important part of the math skills we help children to acquire. We make the process fun by measuring and weighing different everyday objects, so children can evaluate length and weight. We also introduce amounts, as well as measuring time, like days of the week.
  • Logic. Another mathematical thinking skill we help children develop is logic and seeing patterns, so they can better understand the world around them. From the patterns on clothing to those in their daily life, we make it interesting by using examples they understand.

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Celebree School of Glen Burnie is a favorite choice for local day cares for so many reasons, including our focus on mathematical thinking skills. Whatever your child’s age or stage, we will prepare them for school and life. Find out more about our day care, serving families in:

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  • And surrounding areas

Call Celebree School of Glen Burnie at (410) 412-5083 if you have questions about our approach to teaching math or would like to set up a visit to our day care in Glen Burnie, MD.