The Pursuit of Continuous Improvement | Celebree School

By: Kristen M. Miller,  Director of Accreditation

Maryland State Accreditation is a voluntary program that involves external reviews of Celebree programs in order to validate the existence of quality care that goes above and beyond state licensing standards.

Currently, three Celebree centers are MSDE (Maryland State Department of Education) accredited;  Ellicott City, Mt. Airy and Laurel Bush, with three more centers preparing to become accredited this year, Bel Air, Forest Hill and Tech Court.  These centers have committed to continuously demonstrating quality programming through effective administrative practices; evidence based operational procedures, and successful family and community partnerships.

Accreditation is an ongoing process that, even once accredited, does not cease.  Our programs are continuously assessing and evaluating operational procedures and staying on the pulse of educational trends in order to provide the best possible learning environments.  It is in this pursuit that Celebree believes quality is not a singular act but a finely crafted habit that requires superior teachers and leaders who support the healthy and safe transformational experience that will occur for your child from infancy to Kindergarten.  Validation from external and highly trained accreditors who are skilled in recognizing leaders in Early Childhood Education is a way for parents and guardians to confidently select Celebree as their provider of choice.