Why it is Important to Communicate with Your Child’s Educator | Celebree School

In order to ensure a successful school year for your child, there must be a healthy line of communication between you and your child’s educator. Here, the early childhood education professionals at Celebree Learning Centers detail why teacher-parent communication is important, even for our youngest students.

Communication Keeps You Informed on Your Child’s Educational Progress

Asking your child about their day at school or receiving written updates is only a part of understanding how your child is faring during their school day. Speaking to their teacher about how they are progressing paints a fuller picture of what your child is learning and what activities they are participating in on a day-to-day basis. It also provides more insight into your child’s growth, social skills and mental development. This information is valuable for raising a happy and healthy child and studies have even shown that parent involvement in children’s school life increases academic achievement.

Communication Keeps Teachers Informed on Child’s Home Life

As the parent, you are the expert on your child’s life outside of school. Teachers can personalize their education to your child and gain a better understanding of factors influencing your child’s behavior, if you maintain effective communication with them. For example, informing a teacher or administrator that the family dog recently passed away can provide them the insight necessary to find a successful and empathetic approach to working with your child through their grieving process.

Communication Creates a Partnership Between Parent and Teacher

The best ways to alleviate stresses related to your child’s behavior or learning ability are rooted in teamwork, both in the home and with your child’s educator or caretaker. Parents who work to forge partnerships with their child’s teacher will be better equipped to help their child if issues arise, and have an additional outlet for support and advice should these issues persist.

Communication Helps You Celebrate Your Child’s Successes

Parent-teacher relationships aren’t only meant to deal with problems faced by children—they are also meant to help parents celebrate their child’s strengths and successes. Parents can then use these in-school successes to help shape the ways they interact with and reward their child for productive behavior at home. Showing your child that you are enthusiastic and excited about their interests and strengths will help encourage them to continue succeeding, and allow them to better handle areas of difficulty both in the home and out.

How Celebree Learning Center Can Help

Strong communication is one of the cornerstones of our success here at Celebree Learning Centers. We believe that student achievement is positively impacted by the strong dialogue we facilitate between our educators and parents. This, combined with our enriching, nurturing and fun learning center environment makes Celebree the perfect place for your child to learn, grow and have fun. To learn more about our infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten and school age programs, or to experience our programs first hand contact us to schedule a tour!