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Think back to your childhood. Try to remember as far back as possible. Did you feel safe? Secure? Loved? Your parents did their best to provide you with a caring and nurturing environment, and now you want the same for your child. At Celebree, we’re parents too and we pride ourselves as being one the best early childhood education centers in Maryland and Delaware because we constantly strive to create a positive, educational, and secure environment where children can not only learn, but grow as individuals.

Are you looking for an early childhood education center in your area? Give us a call at 410-515-8750 to speak to a Celebree Enrollment Advisor about the benefits of our program or click here to find which of our 23 locations is right for you.

Our learning centers are safe and secure

Safety is one of Celebree’s core values and we implement a variety of safety measures at our childcare centers. Features such as closed circuit monitoring systems, classrooms with locking doors, and panic buttons enhance our centers security to keep your child safe. All of our entrances require individual parent ID numbers and visitors are required to present a photo ID to receive a temporary access badge to enter the building. In addition, our teachers and staff have all passed extensive state and federal background checks as well as screening through child protective services.

Celebree’s curriculum meets and exceeds state standards

The curriculum Celebree Learning Centers is designed to align with guidelines set by the Maryland State Department of Education’s focus on Early Childhood Education and the Delaware Child Care Act for Early Care and Education. We focus on several different types, or domains, of learning including social development, language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, arts, and physical health. Our highly trained teachers break down the curriculum into fun, weekly lessons for the children.

We nurture positive social skills in every child

At Celebree we focus on helping children develop positive social skills that will prepare them for school and life. Our focus is to nurture a child’s sense of self while also establishing their role in the classroom and in the outside world. We do this by fostering healthy “purposeful playful” which helps children develop communication skills through fun, teamwork based activities. We also work with children to unlearn undesirable habits such as rough play. We understand that a large part of providing a nurturing environment is making sure that children feel safe and comfortable with their peers.

Worried that your child may be too young for daycare? Don’t be. We also design personalized curriculums for infants and help pre-school aged children prepare for kindergarten. High quality childhood education programs can have a positive impact on your child’s transition to elementary school, so it is important to enroll them early. Whether your child is 6 weeks old or entering 5th grade, they can benefit from the Celebreedifference.

We keep you involved

One of the main reasons Celebree is one of the top early child care programs in the state is because we understand how important it is for parents to be involved in their child’s education. Early childhood learning and development begins and ends with you, the parent. That’s why we provide a number of guides, tools, and other resources to help parents take an active role in their child’s education. We also post our weekly lesson plans in each classroom so that parents are never in the dark.

Schedule a Tour

If you really want to know why Celebree is one of the best early childhood education centers in Maryland and Delaware, schedule a tour and see for yourself!

The best way to tell if a learning center is right for your child is to visit, so we encourage parents and children to stop by and see our staff in action. To schedule a tour, give us a call at 410-515-8750 or schedule one online.

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