Trouble with Car Seats: Solutions for Your Baby’s Ride | Celebree School

Car rides don’t always need to end in tears. The child development specialists from Celebree Learning Centers provide ways to help your baby feel comfortable and calm in their car seat. 

Some babies take quickly to car seats, falling asleep before your car even leaves the garage. Though sometimes, the car seat is the place where a baby may feel the most uncomfortable. Babies are used to more freedom of movement than car seats can provide, causing them to become upset by their inability to physically interact with you during the ride. If your baby is particularly frustrated by car rides, here are a few techniques to try.

Check in with your pediatrician. If car seat crying is a new and sudden behavior for your baby, he or she may be uncomfortable for a different reason. Visit the doctor in order to rule out ear infections or other illnesses.

Introduce the car seat at home. Allow your infant to get to know his or her car seat by exploring and playing in it prior to the ride. If the seat is more familiar to your child, they may be happier to sit in it for the duration of the trip.

Stock up on car-friendly entertainment. Your little one may simply need a few fun distractions in order to feel more comfortable in the car. Grab several soft toys that are safe for car rides, and keep them in a container that is dedicated for easy car access. Teething toys that are not choking hazards may also help.

Try out different sounds. Some babies are most relaxed by lullabies or quiet music, while others may enjoy your favorite radio station as much as you do. You may find that your baby is most relaxed by listening to you sing, or listening to white noise and nature sounds. Every baby is unique, so be sure to experiment and see which sounds your baby prefers. Having sound options available in the car is one way to make the ride more comfortable for you and your little one.

Hang a mirror. Your baby might be distressed or upset in the car because they do not understand that you are there with them. Most baby stores make mirrors for cars specifically, so that you can see your baby and your baby can be comforted by seeing you.

Make the rest of the car more comfortable. Perhaps it is not the car seat that is the primary reason your baby is fussy in the car. Stick a sunshade to the closest window, or crack the window open to provide your child with fresh air and a soothing breeze.

Investigate the car seat size. If your baby’s car seat is too small, the belts may be too tight, causing discomfort. While it is important to find the right size seat for your child, it is also necessary to keep the harness tight. Keep in mind that the straps should be snug and have no slack.

It is a significant adjustment for your baby to go from constantly being in your arms to transporting to the backseat where they cannot easily see or touch you. Practice patience with your child as this is a big step for the both of you, but understand that there could be other reasons for your baby’s tantrum. This big change can run smoothly with the appropriate tools, adequate knowledge and of course, your love and support. For more information regarding car seats for your infant, contact Celebree Learning Centers today.