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At Celebree School, Family-Teacher Conferences (referred to in this article as Parent-Teacher Conferences) are an opportunity for family and teacher to come together to create a lasting and impactful plan to help the child grow. Early education is a team effort, and collaboration between family and teacher is a vital part of your child’s success in school.

Here are three of the top questions that our early childhood experts at Celebree School believe to be the most beneficial and productive to ask during a Parent-Teacher Conference:

  1. The number one developmental milestone every Kindergarten teacher would agree is the most important milestone to meet is, Social and Emotional Development.  A great way to grasp if your child is meeting this milestone in preparation for Kindergarten is to ask, “Is my child able to keep composure in the classroom?” Composure is the skill needed to master every other skill in the Social Emotional Domain, assertiveness, encouragement, empathy etc. The ability to understand that no one can make you feel a certain way without your permission is a valuable tool that will last a lifetime and this skill comes with composure.
  2. Asking a teacher, “What Developmental Milestones are you working on with my child right now?” will assist parents in focusing on skills they can work on at home and support the learning happening at school and ensure continued success. 
  3. Knowing your child’s daily routine and schedule is important for continuity between home and school.  The ability to have meaningful conversations in the car on the way to school and ask informed questions about the upcoming day will help children feel safe and secure, which is the first step to educational success.

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