Tips for Staying Safe and Having Fun This Fourth of July | Celebree School

Fourth of July is a wonderful time to celebrate and educate our children about the history of our nation. But, there are several hazards to be mindful of as you enjoy the holiday with your little ones. Here, the learning professionals at Celebree detail ways to keep your children safe and entertained this Fourth of July.

For many, the Fourth of July is a wonderful time to enjoy barbecues, fireworks and outdoor activities with family and friends. While this day is typically one filled with fun, laughter and relaxation, it comes with many risks for your children’s safety. Review the information below to ensure that your Fourth of July celebrations are both safe and exciting for children of all ages.

Fire hazards

From grills, to fire pits, to sparklers and firecrackers, Fourth of July is filled with many enticing but hazardous activities. To help ensure an injury free holiday, do not let your children play with pyrotechnic devices: even seemingly benign sparklers can burn over 1,000°F, leaving children with terrible burns and disfigurements. Thousands of at-home fireworks accidents occur every year. If you choose to use fireworks at home, keep a fire extinguisher and source of water handy. Never light devices indoors or near flammable materials. If a device does not go off, do not go near it: extinguish it from a distance. Be safe and cautious, please adhere to all fire, county, and state firework regulations.

Keep children well-supervised during barbeques, and create a barrier of adults and chairs around grilling areas to prevent accidents. Educate your children on basic fire safety practices and safety precautions, and help children when roasting marshmallows or hot dogs to prevent burned hands or faces.

Loud Noises

Fireworks displays can reach 150 decibels, and can cause irreparable damage to one’s hearing. Children are particularly susceptible to hearing damage, so it may be necessary to take extra precautions for your little ones. If your family wants to watch fireworks this year, it is important to sit or stand at least 500 feet away to mitigate the effects of the loud noise. You can also bring earmuffs for infants, and earplugs for older children to lessen the impact of the noise. Periodically move the family even further away from the display, to prevent ringing noises and aching ears.

Outdoor Hazards

Spending Fourth of July poolside, or at a picnic? This can mean damaging sunburns and dangerous insect stings. To help ensure protection from the sun, all children over six months of age should wear at least SPF 30 sunscreen, applied liberally, and reapplied regularly. Infants should wear brimmed hats and protective clothing, and all children should wear sunglasses to protect developing eyes from harmful rays.

Bug spray should be sprayed on all exposed skin and clothing, and reapplied regularly throughout the day. Citronella candles and clip-on bug deterrents can also help to shield your family from unwelcome insects. If spending the holiday near wooded areas, it is important to check your children thoroughly for ticks, which can cause long-term diseases and negative health effects if bites are left untreated.

There’s no reason that your Fourth of July cannot be fun and without incident—most Fourth of July accidents are preventable by taking simple precautions. Consider the information provided above so that your entire family can have a fun time celebrating together. Happy Fourth of July!

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