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At Celebree School® of Hampstead, you never have to choose between safety and education. In these uncertain times, we offer both with our child care programs, open to families in Manchester, Hampstead, and other nearby areas. They’re led by a team of experienced teachers who keep sparkling clean classrooms in a secure setting you can feel confident in. As a result, your child will thrive, have fun, and remain secure when they’re in our capable hands. 

Our Child Care Center’s Approach to Safety & Security

Choosing the right child care program for your son or daughter, whether they’re an infant, toddler, preschooler, or school-age child, is always a big decision. Now, more than ever, it’s daunting. You want them in an environment that’s nurturing and educational, yet one that also puts health and safety first. You’ll find it at Celebree School of Hampstead.

Not only are we early child care education professionals serving the local area, but many of us are parents, too. So we understand firsthand the challenges you’re up against during this difficult season and we’re here to help. You can count on us to follow guidelines created by the county health department and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. This includes regular cleaning and sanitizing, as well as teaching children good personal hygiene habits, like hand washing and covering sneezes and coughs.

In addition to our focus on every child’s safety and well-being, we also employ stringent security measures such as:

  • Investing in security technology, including our state-of-the-art closed circuit camera system.
  • Rigorously screening and performing background checks on all employees.
  • Ensuring emergency and lockdown protocols are in place for our center and our classrooms.
  • Training staff in CPR and First Aid that exceeds the Office of Child Care’s standards.
  • Visitation policies that require photo identification for parents and visitors before being allowed to enter.

Set Up Your Visit to Our Manchester Child Care Center!

Our programs are safe, educational, and filled with fun. That’s why we’re a leading choice in child care for so many families in the community, offering programs for those ages six weeks to 12-years-old in:

If you’re ready for child care in Manchester, MD you can feel confident in, Celebree School of Hampstead is a call away at (410) 374-5026!