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Summer means plenty of play time and fun for your child. However, if they’re not enrolled in some kind of camp, they’ll often grow bored and disengaged over the weeks. What can you do? The answer’s easy with Celebree School® of Owings Mills. We’re a favorite choice for summer camps across Owings Mills, Reistertown, and other nearby areas in MD.

Children love coming here each day, where they’ll be busy and happy embracing the joys of summer. At the same time, they’ll be gaining new skills and growing in confidence as they do. It’s the ideal mix and why children and parents alike love our camps.

2021 Summer Camp Theme: “Nature Unleashed”

At Celebree School of Owings Mills, we take a theme-based approach to our summer camps. Each year, we choose a different one and this year’s is “Nature Unleashed.” With it, we’ll be introducing many nature-related topics to your child in a way that’s engaging and dynamic. They’ll be having fun and learning, in a hands-on way. They’ll also be encouraged to put their imagination to use as we explore new topics each week, such as:

  • Tornadoes & Earthquakes
  • Tsunamis & Hurricanes
  • Mt. Fuji & Volcanoes
  • Desert & Singing Sand Dunes
  • Thunder & Lightening
  • The Rainforest

Every day, there’s also time for action outside and play time with new friends. Children will also be participating in sports and games, as well as arts and crafts. We even go off-site each week for a different field trip and swimming twice each week. It’s a diverse, fun-filled schedule that will keep your child happy and active all summer.

If you have a younger child, who is two to five years old, we offer a similar summer camp experience for the Owings Mills area. It’s modified to be age appropriate for our younger children, but still offers plenty of fun summer activities and projects.

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Celebree School of Owings Mills is proud of the summer camps we’ve designed for children across the area. We’ve mixed summer fun and games with learning and development. It’s why your children will have a more memorable summer experience, complete with many new friends, and also be better prepared for the school year ahead.

Our program starts off in mid-June and continues through the end of August for families in:

  • Owings Mills
  • Reistertown
  • Garrison
  • Pikesville
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get started by calling Celebree School of Owings Mills at (410) 517-6096. Find out more about our summer camps in Owings Mills, MD and enroll your child today!