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The start of summer vacation can be a stressful time for parents. With so many hours of unstructured time, how do you keep your child learning and growing? The answer is easy with Celebree School® of Laurel. We offer summer camp programs for children ages 6 to 12 across the North Laurel and South Laurel, MD areas. They provide the perfect mix of hands-on learning with fun in the sun, so children love coming here each day.

2022 Summer Camp Theme: “ROADTRIP USA”

Celebree School of Laurel takes a different approach to our summer programs each year. We come up with a new theme with 2022’s being “Roadtrip USA.” In it, we’ll be exploring different topics making our way across the USA, so children can learn more about the world around them. We do this in a range of ways, from field trips and activity-filled projects to exciting lessons and more. 

Each week, we’ll cover a new nature-related topic to keep children interested. Some scheduled for this summer include:

  • Week 1: New England
  • Week 2: Mid Atlantic
  • Week 3: Delmarva
  • Week 4: The South
  • Week 5: The Gulf Coast
  • Week 6: Four Corners
  • Week 7: The West Coast
  • Week 8: Northwest
  • Week 9: The Prairie
  • Week 10: The Great Lakes

Beyond our theme-based activities, children will have plenty of time to play and enjoy summer, outside. They’ll be going on a field trip every week, swimming twice each week, playing sports and games, and doing arts and crafts. There’s truly something for every child in the North Laurel area with our summer camp program.

We even offer an option for younger children. For those ages two to five, Celebree School of Laurel has designed a similar camp experience that’s simply modified in an age-appropriate way. Children will be on-site going on different adventures, engaged in fun summer projects, and participating in exciting, hands-on lessons.

Sign Up Today for Our Summer Camp in North Laurel!

Celebree School of Laurel is a top choice for summer camps across the North Laurel area. It’s why we fill up fast. Since space is limited, we encourage you to call us today to learn more about our camps and all they can offer your child. 

Our summer camp starts in mid-June, runs through the end of August, and is available for families in:

  • North Laurel
  • South Laurel
  • Russett
  • Maryland City
  • Carriage Hill
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get started by calling Celebree School of Laurel at (301) 356-9126. Find out more about our summer camps in North Laurel, MD and enroll your child today!