Stefanie Shurer Named Training Coordinator for Celebree Learning Centers | Celebree School

Photo - Stefanie Shurer, Training Coordinator for Celebree Learning Centers

Since joining Celebree Learning Centers in 2009, Stefanie Shurer has served in several different positions. Her experience with Celebree has led her to describe herself as “bleeding red, yellow, & blue.” As the newly appointed Training Coordinator for Celebree, Stefanie’s work will impact the entire Celebree family.

Even as Stefanie transitions from her role as the Hot Spots teacher/3rd Key for the Forest Hill Center, she already has started to create an exciting, interactive, and FUN onboarding program for Celebree teams.

Stefanie was the perfect candidate for her new role. She holds a Masters Degree and is a graduate of the 2013 Leadership Academy, and has gained invaluable experience writing and performing MSDE approved continuous education trainings for First Connection.

Like many Celebree teachers, Stefanie is the proud and loving mom of two Celebree students, Caleb and Zach, who attend the Forest Hill location. Stefanie is an avid reader who is full of positive energy. Congratulations Stefanie!