Safe and Secure Child Care in Maryland City, MD | Celebree School

Nothing matters more than the safety and well-being of your little one. That’s what we believe at Celebree School® of Laurel. Whether your child is nine weeks old or nine years old—when you enroll them in our child care programs, we take our responsibility to protect them seriously. For families in Maryland City and the surrounding areas, we go above and beyond to protect, nurture, and support your little one.

Let’s review how we make that possible every single day.

How We Offer Child Care That Protects and Nurtures 

At Celebree School of Laurel, we believe it’s our duty to nurture, protect, and educate every child in our care. When it comes to keeping them safe and cared for, here’s how we ensure that can happen:

  • Our teachers are carefully vetted. Our team of extraordinary educators set us apart in every way. Our teachers and staff are carefully screened and vetted, ensuring they’re qualified and experienced to support children and that they’ll truly go above and beyond for every child. They’re also trained and certified in CPR, first aid, and our own security protocols.
  • Our classrooms offer soft surfaces. For every child, at every age, we provide classrooms that are safe to explore safely and comfortably. For babies, infants, and pre-schoolers, our child care rooms feature soft surfaces with lots to explore. When we take older kids outdoors or on field trips, they are diligently supervised by our educators.
  • We implement a range of security measures. For families in Maryland City, you’ll always know your child is protected once they set foot in our school. We use comprehensive security measures, including cutting-edge closed-circuit monitoring systems and limited-access entry. We make every effort possible to ensure that children’s safety is always the first and foremost priority.

About Our School in Maryland City, MD

When you bring your child to Celebree School of Laurel, you can be sure they can thrive in every way. Through our child care programs, we’re proud to offer a world-class learning experience for every age—one full of fun and play and structured activities. We help kids acquire the skills and learning they need to flourish in our school and beyond, welcoming families from:

  • Maryland City
  • Laurel
  • Carriage Hill
  • Russett
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Set up a visit to Celebree School of Laurel to see how we protect, support, and educate kids. Families in Maryland City can contact (301) 356-9126 to learn more about our child care programs.