Day Care in Reston, VA: How We Foster Mathematical Thinking | Celebree School

Preschoolers are brimming with curiosity about the world around them. It makes this time of life perfect for introducing all kinds of subjects, from math to reading, science, art, and more! And what better place to do it than at Celebree School® of Reston? Our day care helps to prepare kids for kindergarten and beyond, cultivating their appetite for learning!

We focus on all 7 Domains of Learning for a comprehensive and holistic approach, tapping into kids’ natural curiosity to keep them excited. These Domains include personal and social development as well as academic subjects like math, reading, and science. Let’s take a look at how we teach math concepts!

Teaching Math Concepts At Our Day Care

When little ones learn math concepts early, it can make them that much more comfortable with numbers and math literacy. That’s why we always take the time to customize our math curriculum for each learner in Reston! We teach many core concepts, including:

  • Patterns. Recognizing, identifying, and creating sequences and patterns are important skills for preschool-aged kids. This helps to build a foundation for more complex mathematical concepts. Songs, games, and arts activities can all be wonderful tools to introduce the idea of patterns to children. Our preschool teachers use a variety of interactive methods to engage kids with these math concepts and more.
  • Spatial relationships. Shapes, spatial awareness, sizes, and related topics play a big role in geometry. As kids interact with two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, they start to build an early understanding of these topics. Our classroom environment offers plenty of vibrant, colorful items for kids to explore, so they can further solidify their understanding of different shapes! 
  • Numbers. Numbers aren’t just essential to math—they also factor into many other subjects. Day care can be the perfect environment for kids to become familiar with numbers! Our little ones learn to recognize numbers, to count, and may even learn more complex number-based math concepts. We draw on connections between math and other subjects—such as art, reading, and science—to keep kids interested in learning.

Preparing For Kindergarten in Reston, VA

When it comes to kindergarten readiness, it’s hard to beat our wonderful and welcoming day care! We help kids of all ages prepare for school and beyond, including those from:

  • Reston
  • Herndon
  • And throughout nearby communities

Learn more about how we give your child every advantage! Contact Celebree School of Reston at (703) 349-3002, and we can answer all your questions about our day care programs.