Read Across America: Benefits Beyond Literacy | Celebree School

We all hear that it is important to read to our kids, but why exactly is that? And in what ways? The benefits of reading to with your children go far beyond literacy. Read on to learn everything your child can gain from spending time reading every day.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Reading can do more than just help children develop literacy and language skills; it can also help foster empathy and a greater understanding of other people and cultures. By reading stories (especially those told from a perspective different from their own), kids can gain an appreciation for other people’s feelings and lifestyles. Books can also provide a safe way to explore a range of emotions, from anger and sadness to joy and excitement. This can help children learn to process and respond to their own feelings in healthy and positive ways. Parents and caregivers can use reading as an opportunity to engage kids in discussions about emotions and how to deal with strong feelings. Questions such as “Have you ever felt as angry as the character in this book?” can open up conversations about emotion management and help build kids’ emotional toolkits.

Exposure to the World

Reading books can be an invaluable way for children to gain insight into different cultures and families around the world. By immersing themselves in new settings, characters and experiences, children can learn to more deeply appreciate other ways of living. Reading these stories can help children develop empathy and appreciate differences by allowing them to access new perspectives and appreciate the thoughts and feelings of characters in difficult and unfamiliar situations. This is also a great way to build a foundation for conversations about diversity, inclusion, and belonging. By exploring stories about protagonists from different backgrounds, children are able to gain a better understanding of the world.

Growing the Parent-Child Bond

Reading books with your child can be a wonderful way to deepen the parent-child bond. It gives you a chance to spend quality time together while simultaneously helping your child learn new skills and interests. Reading a variety of stories can lead to new passions, conversations, and hobbies, that you can have and do together as a family! It’s also an opportunity to discuss values, foster critical thinking, and show your child that they can share their interests and opinions with you.

Join us for Literacy Night 2023!

“If You Give a Child a Book:” A Celebration of Laura Numeroff

Join us on March 30 from 6:30-8:00 PM as we celebrate our shared love of reading at Literacy Night! We believe, If You Give a Child a Book, they will find that reading can open up a world of knowledge, imagination, exploration, and joy!

Step into the world of Laura Numeroff as we explore some of Celebree’s favorite children’s books, meet story book characters, enjoy refreshments, explore literacy activities and games, and connect with other Celebree Families. As our children continue to read and grow, they will discover the lifelong love of learning that will come, If You Give a Child a Book.

This event is open to anyone in our local communities and it is FREE! Just bring a valid form of ID to enter our building.

***Children are encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character!***