Random Acts of Kindness Challenge | Celebree School

In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Week, the child development professionals at Celebree Learning Centers provide a challenge for you and your family members to participate in to help spread joy to others.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Scientific research has proven that engaging in acts of kindness lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Start the change now; the ripple effect begins with one person and one act. It only takes one person to hold open a door for a stranger, write a ‘thank you’ letter or help someone with his or her homework.

This week, we celebrate #NationalRandomActsofKindness with a challenge or an opportunity. We challenge you and your family to complete at least one of these 10 ideas (but, the more the merrier) in honor of choosing kindness over selfishness and helping spread these acts of kindness throughout the community.

1. Send someone a note or email of appreciation. Enhance your work relationships or reconnect with a distant friend by dropping a quick note to him or her through Facebook or email. Alternatively, take the time to write a letter and send it through the mail. While you complete this fun activity, encourage your children to have a pen pal with another friend as it’s a great way for them to practice their writing skills while serving as an opportunity to teach them examples of kindness.

2. Thank the local fire and/or police department. Teaching your children gratitude is a special way to bond and further develop kindness traits. The next time you and your children walk past police officers or firefighters, say a quick “thank you” to them for their continued service.

3. Let your child help with dinner. If your child is old enough, let them prepare part of the meal. Perhaps give them a few duties so they can feel proud to have helped prepare a healthy dinner for the family too.

4. Leave a fun note in an unexpected place. Play a little game with your children and leave a kind note to them on the bathroom mirror, in their school notebook or anywhere else where they’ll find it. Encourage them to write notes back to you as well to see how long you can keep the note exchange going. The longer the chain lasts, the more creative and appreciative you’ll all become.

5. Walk or run for a good cause. Participating in activities that benefit health research or community development not only encourages healthy physical activity for your children, but it also teaches them the importance of contributing to events that support an important cause. If running deems too difficult, a walk-a-thon is a great opportunity for the entire family to get involved and promote kindness towards others.

6. Send a letter to a soldier. Visit this site and take a moment with your children to write a thankful note to a soldier, sending gratitude for their service. A small gesture can make a huge impact for members of the military.

7. Pay it backward. The next time you’re at a restaurant, coffee shop or toll booth, pay for the person behind you. Inform your children that this small gesture can go a long way in brightening someone’s day.

8. Donate used books to your local library/bookstore. One of the best places to bring your children is a place where they can read. Explain to them that the more they read, the more they learn about the world around them. When your children finish a book, take them to a place where they can donate the book(s) to others who may not have had the opportunity to read them otherwise.

9. Give away some old toys. Similar to the books that haven’t been touched for years, it’s time to donate those old toys as well. Help them understand the impact they could have on another child who may be less fortunate and not able to purchase brand new toys.

10. Make a “kindness ideas” jar. Ask each family member to write one or more acts of kindness on separate pieces of paper. Fold them all up, put them in a jar and choose one for the whole family to do each day.

There are countless ways to show random acts of kindness while also setting a good example for your children. We at Celebree believe it takes just one person to make a difference. Use this day and this week as a precedent for life!