Preschool Programs in Highland Beach | Celebree School

Preschool plays a pivotal role in your child’s future success in kindergarten. It’s why choosing the right one is so important. When you’re searching for a program that mixes fun and creativity with enrichment and learning, consider Celebree School® of Annapolis. We offer preschool programs to children across Highland Beach, Annapolis, and other nearby areas in Maryland that focus on instilling a sense of confidence in every child, so they’re ready for kindergarten. We do this through skill-building, socialization, hands-on lessons, and so much more, all in a community that fosters respect. 

How Our Preschool Programs Prepare Children for Kindergarten

Celebree School of Annapolis provides that safe place to land while your child is learning to fly. Our environment is one that’s filled with energetic and enthusiastic teachers who are early childhood professionals. They know how young minds learn and will nurture your child’s curiosity, so they’re stepping out, exploring, and gaining new skills and abilities as they do. 

At the same time, our curriculum is dynamic, filled with plenty of hands-on, rewarding experiences. Our programs also follow the Maryland Early Learning Standards and focus on critical areas, including introducing early literacy and mathematical concepts; fostering independence and self-help; and instilling a strong sense of cooperation. This will prepare your child for the structure and rigors of kindergarten in a way that’s still fun and exciting, too. 

Some additional ways our preschool programs get children across the Highland Beach area kindergarten-ready include:

  • Activity centers to promote imagination, creativity, and exploration.
  • Group activities that foster strong language and social skills.
  • Hands-on lessons and interactive projects that introduce literacy, math, and science concepts.
  • Arts, crafts, and play time to further develop fine and gross motor skills.

Set Up a Visit of Our Highland Beach Area Preschool Program!

At Celebree School of Annapolis, our preschool programs are designed for children in the Highland Beach area from the age of two to five. It’s not too early to enroll or visit our school either in-person or virtually. In fact, we encourage it! You’ll have a chance to explore our classrooms, meet our teachers, and learn more about the unique learning environment we can offer your child. You’ll also see for yourself why so many families choose our preschool programs across:

  • Highland Beach
  • Annapolis
  • Edgewater
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call Celebree School of Annapolis today at (410) 571-5418 to set up your visit to our Highland Beach, MD preschool program!