Preschool in Frederick Spring Ridge | Celebree School

When it comes to your little one, you want them to get the best education possible, right from the start. You’ll find it at Celebree School® of Frederick Spring Ridge. We offer preschool programs to families across the Frederick Spring Ridge, MD area that will help your child build a solid foundation for the school years ahead. In addition, we do it all in an environment that’s safe and nurturing, one where children feel at home to be themselves, growing in confidence as they do. 

How Our Preschool in Frederick Spring Ridge Leads to Kindergarten Readiness

Your child is unique, not only in terms of their personality and preferences, but abilities. At Celebree School of Frederick Spring Ridge, we take this into account and personalize our curriculum around each individual child, so we’re focusing on their needs. This ensures they can hit the ground running once kindergarten rolls around and they’re also happy and successful during their time with us.

In addition, at Celebree School of Frederick Spring Ridge, our preschool programs are open to children ages two to five and follow the Maryland Early Learning Standards. This enables us to cover all those critical aspects of learning and development that are most important to a solid foundation in early childhood education. Once your child turns three, we’ll also incorporate the Seven Domains of Learning and begin to track their progress through individual portfolios and a Work Samples System. This ensures healthy development in areas, including:

  • Socialization
  • Self-help and independence
  • Cognition, including early math concepts
  • Fine and gross motor abilities
  • Language and literacy

The Local Choice in Preschools is Celebree School of Frederick Spring Ridge

Parents turn to Celebree School of Frederick Spring Ridge’s preschool programs when they want to ensure their child is ready for a great kindergarten year. It’s for the simple reason that we cover everything children need to know, from skills and habits to attitudes and values, through fun-filled and interactive experiences. In addition, our educators are warm, welcoming, and highly trained. This provides an ideal combination and a launching pad for success. You can take advantage of all our preschool can offer in: 

  • Frederick Spring Ridge
  • Bartonsville
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To learn more about our preschool in Frederick Spring Ridge, MD, we invite you to schedule a visit and come see us for yourself. Call Celebree School of Frederick Spring Ridge at (301) 668-9881 today!