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Finding the right preschool in Eldersburg, MD can feel like a struggle. You want that perfect balance of warmth and fun combined with learning and enrichment. You’ll find it at Celebree School® of Eldersburg. It’s why so many parents choose our programs. We offer experienced and trained educators, dynamic and fun-filled learning experiences, and plenty of play time and socialization. Your child will get all they need for success in kindergarten and the school years ahead. 

How Our Preschool in Eldersburg Leads to Kindergarten Readiness

With Celebree School of Eldersburg, we know that in the preschool stage, children can be worlds apart when it comes to their abilities. It’s why we’ll take time to get to know your child, so we can determine where they are developmentally, then personalize our curriculum around them. This will ensure we’re teaching them at a pace that works best for them, maximizing their potential in the process. 

Our preschool programs in Eldersburg are also open to children between the ages of two to five. Wherever your child falls, you can count on us for the highest standards. In fact, we strictly follow the Maryland Early Learning Standards and, once your son or daughter is three, we’ll integrate the Seven Domains of Learning into their day. We’ll also ensure they’re on track and ready for kindergarten through regular monitoring and assessments using individual portfolios and a Work Samples System. These combine to assess your child’s development in areas including:

  • Social interaction with peers and teachers
  • Gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Language and literacy, such as recognizing letters and the alphabet
  • Cognition, including early math
  • Self-reliance and independence

The Local Choice in Preschools is Celebree School of Eldersburg

At Celebree School of Eldersburg, we understand the trust you’re placing into our hands with your special child. It’s a commitment our team takes seriously and it’s why we will always go the extra mile to ensure your son or daughter is safe and secure, all while they’re learning, thriving, and having fun. This will help to boost their confidence and create a strong foundation on which to grow in kindergarten and the years ahead. Get all this and more with our preschool programs, offered in:

To learn more about our preschool in Eldersburg, MD, we invite you to schedule a visit and come see us for yourself. Call Celebree School of Eldersburg at (410) 552-6420 today!