Preschool in Crofton | Celebree School

Where you send your child for preschool can have a big impact on their school years ahead. Make the choice so many other families across the Crofton, MD area do and enroll your child in Celebree School® of Crofton. When you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of our fun-filled and dynamic curriculum, experienced educators, and secure, welcoming environment. Your son or daughter will get all they need to step out and soar today and into their kindergarten year ahead.

How Our Preschool in Crofton Leads to Kindergarten Readiness

Celebree School of Crofton can offer your child a learning experience that will enable them to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s thanks to our personalized approach to teaching. This simply means we take your child’s personality and needs into account to tailor our curriculum around them. This helps them learn better and gain more confidence, all so they’re mastering those key skills and habits that are so important in school and life.

With Celebree School of Crofton, our preschool is open to children ages two to five and offers programs that are in line with the Maryland Early Learning Standards. As a result, your child will be learning in a way that’s holistic, so they’re growing cognitively, as well as physically, emotionally, socially and in other ways. Once they’re three, we’ll also integrate the Seven Domains of Learning into their day and also start to track and assess their progress through individual portfolios and our Work Samplings System in areas, such as:

  • Cognition, including grasp of early math concepts
  • Social skills when interacting with others
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Self-reliance and independence
  • Literacy and language skills

The Local Choice in Preschools is Celebree School of Crofton

At Celebree School of Crofton, we offer many advantages to parents, all of which are built on a foundation of protecting, educating, and nurturing. We always adhere to this mission in everything we do, whether your child is just starting out with us or has been enrolled for years. You can count on us to help your son or daughter learn and grow in a place where they’re safe and happy. Take advantage of all this and more with preschool programs, open in:

  • Crofton
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To learn more about our preschool in Crofton, MD, we invite you to schedule a visit and come see us for yourself. Call Celebree School of Crofton at (410) 451-2100 today!