Preparing Your Children for Their First Day of School | Celebree School

For many families, the summer never feels quite long enough, and preparing for the new school year spurs many different emotions. Here, the educators at Celebree provide tips to help mitigate your child’s transition from summer vacation to the new school year.

For children and parents alike, back-to-school season may bring many changes: new clothes, new school supplies, a new schedule and possibly new anxieties. Whether your child is preparing to enter kindergarten, or you are preparing to drop them off for toddler care for the first time, there are many ways to alleviate many common stresses that you and your child may face, and help them start the new school year off right.

Talk About This New Experience – It is important to discuss with your child what they can expect when they get to school, especially if this is their first experience entering the classroom setting. Talking with children about all the new people they will be able to meet and activities they will be able to engage in not only helps to alleviate the anxiety that comes with uncertainty, but helps to build excitement for their new experience.  Additionally, having these conversations lets your child know at an early age that they can rely on you to listen which helps them to feel safe and confident, and can prevent small stresses from becoming bigger issues.

Start a New Routine Early – Getting back into the school routine is difficult for the whole family, regardless of whether your child is new to the process or a returning student. To alleviate the stress that comes with the start of the new school year, prepare your children for the shift in wake-up times and new morning routines by starting them a week early. Establishing the routine early will help to establish the steps that you need to take to successfully get ready for school each day, and give you indication of any issues that may come up. As is true with any new experience, being prepared will be the key to seamlessly implementing your school year routine.

Find a Buddy– If your children are starting in a new school, consider attending events like summer socials so that both you and your little ones can become acquainted with the school community. Similarly, schedule play dates with children in your neighborhood so that your children can meet others in their school before their first day. For your child, having a friendly face in a new crowd can be instrumental in calming common fears on the first day of school. This will also provide you with some piece of mind in knowing that your child has a buddy to navigate the new experience with.

Create an Emotional Support System – Make sure to give your child a hug and words of encouragement before they head to school – even a small gesture of affection can go a long way. The more involved and encouraging you are, the more children feel equipped to handle change.

Above all else, children acclimate best to change when they know that their parents love and support them – and will be there in case something goes wrong. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to both prepare your family for the transition from a laid-back summer to a busier school year, while enabling your children to have a stress free first day.

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