Part Time Day Care in Henrico: Preventing Drop-Off Anxiety | Celebree School

Is your child about to start part time day care? They may be feeling nervous or antsy about it—and you may be experiencing these emotions, too. At Celebree School® of Henrico, we’re here to support you and your little one. We know that day care can be a big new step, and we’ll always go above and beyond to ensure you and your child are completely comfortable.

For parents, let’s review some tips that can help make drop-off a little easier!

5 Tips For Drop Off at Part Time Day Care 

At Celebree School of Henrico, many of our educators are parents ourselves. We understand that starting day care can be a huge transition for kids and parents alike. Here’s what we’ve found to make a difference:

  • Early bedtime. When kids are sleepy and hungry, changes in their routine can be that much more challenging! Encourage a good night’s rest and breakfast in the morning to reduce these challenges. 
  • Talk about it. Knowing what to expect can help kids get excited about part time day care! The night before, talk about how their day will go in positive, encouraging language. 
  • Bring an item from home. Let them take something from home, whether it’s a photo of you or another special item! It can be a great source of comfort for them in the early days.
  • Find a way to decompress. Kids pick up on their parents’ emotions—so go easy on yourself, too! Take time to rest and decompress, so you’re not accidentally projecting stress at drop off.
  • Enlist our educators. We’re here to make this transition seamless, too! Our educators will communicate with you regularly to ensure we’re helping your little one get adjusted. 

Your Friendly Team at Celebree School of Henrico

You don’t have to deal with drop-off by yourself—our educators are always here to support you. We greet kids with a big smile and an open heart and always take extra steps to ensure routines and rhythms from home can be replicated with us.

Our part time day care is a place where kids can explore, play, learn, meet new friends, and have a blast. We offer a vibrant, warm, and welcoming home away from home for families throughout the area, including:

  • Henrico
  • Short Pump
  • Innsbrook
  • Glen Allen
  • And throughout the surrounding communities

Learn more about our wonderful part time day care programs. To get started, contact Celebree School of Henrico at (804) 415-4991.