Part Time Day Care in Fort Mill, SC: Minimizing Drop-Off Anxiety | Celebree School

At Celebree School® of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane, we go above and beyond to ensure kids feel warmly welcomed to our part time day care. Our educators greet each child and ensure they get the support they need every day. We know this transition can be daunting for some, parents and kids alike.

Let’s talk about one of the trickiest times of day: drop-off. Here are a few tips for what can help.

4 Tips for Preventing Anxiety Before Part Time Day Care

Even when day care is a warm and nurturing environment, the initial days can be tough on parents and kids alike. Our educators in Fort Mill understand that keenly since many of us are also parents. Drop-off time can be particularly anxiety-inducing! Here’s a few things that can help:

  • Keep to a routine. When kids are learning new routines, disruptions can be distressing for them. Try to stick to a consistent time for drop-offs and pick-ups. Let us know about routines at home, and we can try to carry them forward for day care, too.
  • Minimize drop-off time. If you’re worried about your child’s first day, taking extra time to comfort them is tempting. But this can actually cause greater anxiety about what’s to come. Keep drop-offs short and sweet if you can.
  • Bring a special item from home. Familiar items can bring enormous comfort in the early days of part time day care. Let your child take an item from home—whether it’s a favorite book, a photo of you, or a toy. This can give them something to hold as they adjust.
  • Get support. We’re always here to help! Don’t forget that you can also rely on your child’s educators to ease the transition. We’ll communicate with you daily so you always know how your child is doing—and to ensure we help them acclimate to this warm new environment.

A Community Hub For Families in Fort Mill, SC

At Celebree School of Fort Mill-Patricia Lane, we’re here to support you and your family. We’ve cultivated a friendly and empathetic community and are excited to welcome your child to part time day care. Together, we can make sure they feel right at home when they’re with us!

Have any questions about part time day care in Fort Mill? Just contact our friendly team at (803) 455-2238!