Our Preschool in Littlestown is a Great Place to Start | Celebree School

When you’re looking for that great first school for your little one, it can be an overwhelming experience and an agonizing decision. Instead, make the whole process easier with Celebree School® of Westminster Tech Court. Our preschool is open to families in Littlestown, PA, as well as Westminster, MD, and combines fun with learning in a safe environment. It’s why parents and children alike love life at our preschool and why you’ll be so glad you placed your son or daughter into our capable hands. 

How Our Preschool in Littlestown Will Help Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Before they begin kindergarten, there are many skills and abilities your child needs to acquire. They’ll learn and develop in exciting new ways with help from the experienced early childhood educators at Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court. We take a holistic approach, focusing on mind, body, and emotions, so children emerge as confident, well-rounded and eager young learners. Not only that, but we also go at each child’s pace, so they feel happier and more comfortable.

With the preschool at Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court, you can also count on our trained team for:

  • A curriculum we will customize around your son or daughter, so it more effectively meets their needs.
  • Fine and gross motor skill development through creative play, hands-on lessons, and fun activities.
  • A focus on key areas, from early literacy to science and math, so children are growing cognitively.
  • Plenty of opportunities for socialization, so your child learns how to interact with their peers in a supportive way.
  • Promoting a strong sense of self and independence along with self-help skills in a safe and secure setting.

Enroll Now in the Choice in Littlestown for Preschool Programs

Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court will treat your child like one of our own, nurturing, encouraging, and helping them develop in every way possible. Our programs also adhere to the Maryland Early Learning Standards, so you can rest assured they will be learning everything needed for success in kindergarten. It’s a unique combination, one that will bring out the best in your child so they can reach their potential and thrive. If you’d like to learn more, our preschool is open to children ages two to five in:

  • Littlestown, PA
  • Westminster, MD
  • Deep Run, MD
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To set up a visit and find out more about our preschool in Littlestown, PA – and whether it’s right for your child – simply call Celebree School of Westminster Tech Court at (410) 386-0601 today.