Our Easter Egg Hunt at Celebree Learning Centers of Frederick | Celebree School

Our Celebree Learning Centers of Frederick hosted an Easter Egg Hunt last Friday, March 25, 2016. Read what the kids had to say!

A toddler doing outdoor activity
smiling girl doing outdoor activity
a toddler explores nature
a toddler doing fun outdoor activity
a toddler playing outside
a child having fun outdoor
A kid having fun at kindergarten playground
A kid playing on kindergarten playground
parent and staff in bunny costume
Indoor group activity for toddlers
a toddler hugging celebree staff in bunny costume

“Look how many eggs I got Ms. Kristin!” – Parker

“The Easter bunny came to visit and I was scared but he loves me.” – Charlotte

“They’re even on top of the slide!” – Tyrone

“Easter bunny you have big ears on your head.” – Juilanna

“You’re very soft.” – Alessani  (Said to the Easter bunny)

“Did you bring all the eggs on the playground?” – Ryan