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At Celebree School® of Carney, parent communication is a central part of what we do. We want to keep you informed and involved with everything ranging from your child’s daily habits and experiences to bigger picture progress. We believe when parents and teachers communicate effectively, it provides an opportunity for children to reach their maximum potential. It’s just another reason we’re a leading choice for day care programs across the Parkville and Carney, MD areas.  

Ways Our Day Care Communicates with Parents

As a busy parent, you have many demands to manage each day. Day care shouldn’t be one of them. It’s why, when your child is enrolled at Celebree School of Carney, you can expect regular communication, so you know exactly what they’re doing and can be involved every step of the way. Some examples of how we communicate with parents include through:

  • Daily Tweets: You’ll get details every day about your child’s meals, naps, experiences, and activities. We’ll also cover upcoming events and include any special notes about issues you need to know about.
  • Teacher Meetings: If you have questions or concerns, simply schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher. We’re always happy to listen, learn more about what your child needs to be successful in our child care, and are willing to go the extra mile to customize our approach to them. 
  • Family Teacher Conferences: You’ll be invited to participate with your child’s teacher in a conference to discuss milestones, development, learning needs, and new goals. We’ll also provide you with results from curriculum assessments and developmental screenings, as well as samples from their work portfolio.

Why Parents Love Our Day Care in Parkville

Our day care programs nurture, protect, and educate children across the Parkville area. However, a large part of that involves regular communication with parents. This helps us intimately understand each child’s needs and better meet them. It also helps parents make the transition to and from school easier each day and offer developmentally appropriate opportunities to continue the learning journey at home. Together, we’ll help your child build an excellent foundation for future success.

Celebree School of Carney is proud to serve children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, with day care programs, available in:

  • Parkville
  • Perry Hall
  • Carney
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you’re a parent looking for a day care in Parkville, MD, put Celebree School of Carney on your list and call (410) 668-9883 for a visit!