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Getting your child off to the best start in life takes the right partner. You’ll find it at Celebree School® of Bel Air South-Laurel Bush. We offer day care programs to families across Edgewood, Bel Air, and other nearby areas in MD that promote custom care and education, along with parental involvement and communication. This sets the stage for an easier transition from home to school and ensures we’re meeting your child’s needs in a way that works best for them.

Ways Our Day Care Communicates with Parents

Being a parent of a young child is especially challenging in today’s world. Let Celebree School of Bel Air South-Laurel Bush help with our day care programs, open to families across the Edgewood area. We’ll partner with you, so we can learn about your child, their personality, preferences, and individual needs. We’ll also keep you involved in the process, so you have peace of mind they’re receiving exceptional care. We do this through:

  • Tweets Each day: We’ll provide you with daily, detailed information on your child’s schedule. This includes lessons, activities, and milestones, as well as naps, meals, and snacks. We’ll also remind you of any upcoming events or news, so there are never any surprises.
  • Meetings with Teachers: We’re always happy to meet with you to discuss emerging needs, different concerns, or answer questions. Our goal is to stay on the same page with parents, so we can work together to promote each child’s success.
  • Family Teacher Conferences: We also provide opportunities for you to learn about your child’s progress through family conferences. We’ll share insights into developmental screenings and assessments, discuss milestones achieved, and share samples of their work. 

Why Parents Love Our Day Care in Edgewood

We embrace the differences at Celebree School of Bel Air South-Laurel Bush! It’s why we work so hard to communicate openly and often with parents. This helps us stay up-to-date on every child, their needs, and ways we can better protect, nurture and educate them. We’ll also give you insight into your son or daughter’s development and ways you can further support learning at home. Together, we’ll pave the way toward future success.

If you’re ready for more than a day care, but a partner too, turn to Celebree School of Bel Air South-Laurel Bush, proudly serving:

  • Edgewood
  • Bel Air
  • Abingdon
  • And other nearby areas

If you’re a parent looking for a day care in Edgewood, MD, put Celebree School of Bel Air South-Laurel Bush on your list and call (410) 515-4991 for a visit!