Our Day Care in Bel Air | Celebree School

At Celebree School® of Forest Hill Rock Spring, we believe effective communication builds understanding and trust. It’s part of what makes us unique and why so many families choose our day care, open to children in Bel Air, Forest Hill Rock Spring, and other nearby areas in MD. We’ll take time to learn about your unique child, so we can best support them. We’ll also keep you involved and informed every step of the way, so you have total confidence in the level of care we’re delivering.

Ways Our Day Care Communicates with Parents

Parenting young children is especially challenging these days. At Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring, you’ll get a partner to help you navigate through it all. With our day care programs, serving children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old in the Bel Air area, we’re protecting, educating, and nurturing every day. At the same time, we’re also keeping you up-to-date about your child’s needs and learning goals, so you can support them at home. Some ways we do this are through:

  • Daily Tweets: Each day, we’ll send you a personalized Tweet that highlights everything your child did, from naps and meals to activities and more. You can then make the transition back home easier every day.
  • Family Conferences: We’ll meet periodically to discuss your child’s growth and development, reviewing work samples and results from assessments and screenings. We’ll also address questions, concerns, and future learning goals. 
  • Meetings with Teachers: Our team is always available to meet should a question or new situation emerge. We’ll happily schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss the problem and ways to move forward. 

Why Parents Love Our Day Care in Bel Air

At Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring, our passion is child care and education. Part of our approach in delivering it successfully lies in our relationships with families. Our goal is to form a happy, thriving community that supports the development of healthy, well-rounded children. It’s why we keep communication open, share milestones and insights, and develop plans together to help each child flourish. 

Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring’s day care programs are available across:

  • Bel Air
  • Forest Hill Rock Spring
  • Jarrettsville
  • And other nearby areas

If you’re a parent looking for a day care in Bel Air, MD, put Celebree School of Forest Hill Rock Spring on your list and call (410) 836-3003 for a visit!