National Cuddle-Up Day: 6 Benefits of Human Touch | Celebree School

Did you know that January 6th is National Cuddle-Up Day? In light of such, we’ve put together 6 little-known facts and benefits that highlight the significance of cuddling. Whether you are embracing your child or your special someone, find out exactly why the human touch is incredibly important:

1. Cuddling boosts oxytocin levels in your brain. According to Psychology Today, oxytocin is an essential hormone that does everything from making you feel good to helping you feel connected with others. Building an internal connection with your loved ones is just one of the many key benefits of cuddling.

2. It strengthens your immune system. Believe it or not, the positive feeling that comes from physical touch contains hormones that can help fight against infection. If you’re a positive person and you feel loved, chances are your immune system will feel as strong as you do.

3. Cuddling can deepen your relationships. Communication is crucial when it comes to keeping the people we love in our life. Showing how you feel about someone through physical touch can do wonders for your relationship with your children or loved ones.

4. It helps women bond biologically. Oxytocin, as mentioned above, plays a critical role in childbirth and breastfeeding. Upon its release, the hormone helps relax the mother so that breastfeeding may occur more easily. It also enables sleep, which can become extremely beneficial to those having difficulty sleeping with a newborn at home.

5. Cuddling helps your child develop a secure attachment to you. The attachment style children develop early on can affect them later in life. It can influence your child’s self-confidence, healthy individuation and exploration, expression of empathy, social relationships, and ability to cope with life stressors. Babies who don’t experience cuddling have been found to have noticeably lower levels of oxytocin.

6. It reduces social anxiety. Again, oxytocin inspires positive thinking and aids in having an optimistic outlook on the world. Providing this companionship for your child can mean the difference between the cultivation of high or low self-esteem, as well as your child’s mental development.

National Cuddle-Up Day is a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Grab your comfiest blankets, throw some popcorn in a bowl, put on a family movie and enjoy National Cuddle-Up Day with the whole family. Happy cuddling!