Day Care Center in Rockville, MD: How We Foster Mathematical Thinking | Celebree School

When you choose the day care center at Celebree School® of Rockville, you can rest assured your child will be learning math from the start. In fact, we make it fun by integrating it into hands-on, engaging activities, while connecting it to everyday, real-life situations. As a result, children begin to make sense of math, even at the youngest stages, developing key foundational skills for school and life.

How Our Day Care Center Instills Early Math Skills

At Celebree School of Rockville, we’re more than a typical day care center. Our goal is to help children learn holistically, in many key areas, including math. We do this through a curriculum built around the Seven Domains of Learning, one of which is Mathematical Thinking. This helps introduce vital concepts, such as:

  • Number sense. We teach children everything they need to know to perform basic math operations, starting from counting fingers and toes to applying numbers to everyday life.
  • Measuring. Children learn to measure everything from objects to time. We’ll count and learn about the days of the week, hours in the day, and weigh and measure objects, all during fun-filled, hands-on lessons.
  • Spatial awareness. We also enable children to better understand the physical world around them through shapes, surfaces, lines, and points, as well as help them learn concepts like near and far.

In addition, at Celebree School of Rockville’s day care center, we connect math across other domains. This means we integrate numbers into areas like art, social, and emotional development, and literacy and language. As a result of this approach, children make better sense of numbers in life and are ready to hit the ground running in math class at school. 

Come Visit Our Day Care Center in Rockville, MD!

If you’re ready to see first-hand how we make math fun at Celebree School of Rockville, we invite you to come and visit our day care center. We can discuss more about how we help children gain math skills, as well as other important abilities, so they grow into well-rounded and confident students. We can’t wait to meet you and your child!

We serve families with children from six weeks to 12 years old. Come see us for yourself and what makes our day care center in Rockville, MD unique. Call Celebree School of Rockville at (301) 579-3601 today to set up a visit!