Day Care in Ashburn Farm, VA: How We Foster Mathematical Thinking | Celebree School

At Celebree School® of Ashburn Farm, we make gaining math skills fun – from the start – for every child. From counting fingers and toes to recognizing numbers, shapes, and patterns, and eventually measuring time and objects, we cover it all at our day care in Ashburn Farm, VA. Children learn in a fun, hands-on way in the process, so they’re engaged and motivated from the beginning, building mathematical thinking skills and confidence too. Here’s how we do it.

How Our Day Care Instills Early Math Skills

The day care curriculum at Celebree School of Ashburn Farm is designed to help children develop holistically. It integrates the Seven Domains of Learning to do that, one of which is Mathematical Thinking. To help children begin to understand early math concepts and continue to build on them as they grow, we focus on a range of key areas, including:

  • Measuring. From time and days of the weeks to the weight, length, and size of objects, we help children learn to measure, compare, and understand how to apply this skill to everyday life.
  • Spatial awareness. Spatial awareness involves understanding the physical world and helping children make sense of concepts like near and far and large and small, as well as points, lines, sizes, and shapes.
  • Number sense. This is the foundation of mathematical thinking and helps children recognize numbers and begin to count, from their fingers and toes to days of the week and more.

In the process, we also connect math skills across other domains, like language and literacy, the arts, and social and emotional learning. This allows the whole child to develop and equips them with skills and abilities that will help them succeed in school and life. 

Come Visit Our Day Care in Ashburn Farm, VA!

If you’d like to find out more about how we make math fun at Celebree School of Ashburn Farm, come visit our day care. We can explain more about how we instill mathematical thinking in each child and also the Seven Domains of Learning our curriculum is built around. You can also visit our classrooms, see teachers in action, and find out if we’re the right place for your child.

Our day care programs are open to children from the age of six weeks to 12 years old in:

  • Ashburn Farm
  • Ashburn
  • Ryan
  • And surrounding areas

Call Celebree School of Ashburn Farm at (703) 879-2452 if you have questions about our approach to teaching math or would like to set up a visit to our day care in Ashburn Farm, VA.