Maryland Excels: Recognizing Maryland Quality Programs | Celebree School

It is growing harder and harder to find top-quality child care in Maryland. Parents are left wondering if the online reviews are accurate or if the atmosphere they saw during their tour is an accurate depiction of the day-to-day life their child will experience. These concerns are all natural and real for parents, and Maryland has the perfect review system in place for all of those questions and concerns.

Maryland Excels is an initiative brought forth by the Maryland State Department of Education as a tool to rate and improve quality within early childhood and school-age programs. This quality and improvement scale is measured from 1-5, with 5 as the highest rating. The tool looks at the following competencies to form their rating:

-Staffing and Professional Development

-Accreditation and Program Improvement

-Developmentally Appropriate Practices

-Administrative Policies and Practices

Programs with ratings 1 through 4 are meeting standards above the minimum licensing requirements and are committed to improving the quality of the services they provide to children and families.

Level Five programs meet the highest benchmarks in the Maryland EXCELS system and are state or nationally accredited.

Celebree School strives to maintain the highest level of quality for the communities it serves.  Of our 24 Maryland Schools, 15 schools are rated at a Level 3 and 9 schools are at the highest level of quality, a Level 5.  These quality ratings align with Celebree’s commitment to hiring and retaining top talented staff, maintaining continuous quality improvements, being thought leaders in the educational community and upholding authentic and transparent administrative practices.

Parents can rest easy knowing that when they enroll their child in a Celebree School they are choosing the highest quality program that focuses on the Whole Family with progressive educational philosophies and initiatives.   

To see all that our high-quality programs can offer your child, visit your local Celebree School!