The Importance of Infant Child Care in Ashburn | Celebree School

Caring for a child and working can be difficult to balance, especially if your son or daughter is a baby. The right infant child care program in the Ashburn, VA area can therefore make a world of difference. Your little one will be in safe, nurturing hands, receiving one-on-one attention that’s so important at this age. They’ll also be learning new skills from educators who understand the unique learning needs of babies and how to meet them. Meanwhile, you’ll have peace of mind and an easier time managing a demanding schedule.

4 Ways Infant Child Care Can Benefit Your Baby

You might be feeling apprehensive about sending your baby to child care. While it’s certainly understandable, rest assured that the right provider can help your little one and your whole family thrive. For instance, it can:

  • Provide a stimulating environment for your child, with opportunities for learning and social interaction. 
  • Keep your child healthy, nurtured, and secure while you’re away, earning a living to care for them. 
  • Help you maintain a better work-life balance, so you can spend quality time with your child when you’re together.
  • Create a routine, so as your child gets older, sticking to a schedule comes naturally. 

As your child gets older, a child care program can also instill the skills they need for success in life. These include everything from social, emotional and self-help skills to communication, teamwork, and respect for others. They will even be introduced to concepts, like language, literacy and mathematical and scientific thinking, so they will be prepared for toddler care, preschool and eventually kindergarten. Over time, they’ll develop holistically, into a well-rounded big kid who can hit the ground running in school and life. 

Learn More About Infant Child Care in Ashburn

If you’re a working parent looking for infant child care, turn to our center. We can meet your little one’s needs in every way, rocking and snuggling them, as well as singing, playing, laughing and teaching. Along the way, we can also help your son or daughter develop stronger cognitive, social, and communication skills in the hands of caring and experienced early childhood educators.

We offer infant child care to families with babies from six weeks to 18 months in:

  • Ashburn Farm
  • Ashburn
  • Ryan
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We invite you to visit and see our center for yourself firsthand! Call (703) 879-2452 today to schedule your visit and learn more about our infant child care program in Ashburn, VA.