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The first year of your baby’s life can be a tender and astonishing time. They’re growing, learning, and changing at a tremendous rate, with new milestones every few weeks and months. At Celebree School® of Rockville, we also cherish this extraordinary time of life! Our infant care programs provide a warm and loving environment where your little one can always thrive.

When you visit us in Rockville, you can experience the joyful, nurturing spaces we’ve created. We’ll also tell you more about our infant care programs in detail. There are plenty of highlights to share, but let’s review one important topic: how we play a role in helping every child reach their developmental milestones.

Infant Care That Supports Every Stage of Development

In the first nine months, babies are discovering so much about the world. They’re progressing in motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills while growing and observing the people, objects, and environments around them. Let’s look at their nine months at Celebree School of Rockville and how our infant care programs support their development:

  • The first few months. At this stage of life, your baby is still adjusting to the outside world! They’re learning to wiggle their hands and feet, to track objects with their eyes, and even to smile. At this early stage, their main goals are eating and sleeping. We make sure they get regular, nourishing meals, lots of sleepy time, and diaper changes as often as needed. Our caregivers will rock them to sleep, hold them while they’re feeding, and otherwise provide tactile contact.
  • Four to six months. When infants reach this age, they get more comfortable in their bodies! They roll around, use their hands to manipulate objects, and start laughing and babbling. We give them a safe, warm environment to explore different textures and colors, move around, and improve their motor skills. We’ll even start teaching them simple sign language so they can communicate pre-verbally. And we always try to make them laugh!
  • Seven to nine months. At this little age, babies are really starting to explore the world around them. They may crawl or scoot, play games with their hands, and sit without help. They may even utter their first words! We encourage these developments by incorporating safe and fun art activities, social play, and songs emphasizing language.

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