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Supporting Developmental Milestones

In the first year of your little one’s life, you may be astonished by how quickly they grow and develop. It’s a time of enormous change and discovery for babies—which is why it’s so important for them to have a warm, nurturing, and safe environment during their infancy! That’s what you can expect with our dedicated infant care at Celebree School® of Montgomeryville.

Our loving and experienced caregivers in Montgomeryville cherish the responsibility of looking after your little one. Each infant is assigned a dedicated caregiver from the start, with different classrooms for those under nine months and those over that age. We also support and celebrate infants as they reach new and exciting milestones! Let’s take a look at how our infant care accomplishes that.

Documenting and Celebrating Every Milestone With Infant Care

In those first nine months of your baby’s life, they develop from sleepy babies to active, curious, and communicative infants! During that time, here’s how our infant care in Montgomeryville incorporates different developmental milestones:

  • Motor skills. From ages six weeks to 9 months, a lot happens! By the end of it, your little one may be able to crawl, sit up on their own, and even stand! At each age, we provide activities that encourage both fine and gross motor skills, documenting each and every milestone to share with you. Our classroom offers a safe and comfortable environment for babies to explore the world around them!
  • Communication skills. Starting with coos and babbling, your little one will begin to vocalize and communicate in these early months. They may even respond to certain word prompts, such as their own names! By nine months, they may start trying to form their own words. In these early months, we constantly communicate with your little one. We even teach simple sign language, so infants can communicate before they’re verbal.
  • Cognitive skills. So much is happening in your little one’s mind! In these first nine months, they’ll start to pay attention to objects and people around them. They may want to touch and grab things nearby. We give them plenty of textures, colors, and objects to explore safely, so they can experience wonderful sights and different tactile sensations! We’ll even get them started on art projects, such as creating handprints and footprints. 

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