How to Bond With Your Child and Celebrate Everyday Moments | Celebree School

Bonding with your child is crucial, but sometimes it is hard to find the time or know how to connect. According to Dr. Laura Markham, an acclaimed clinical psychologist specializing in child development, the answer is surprisingly simple—just focus on celebrating everyday moments.

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to just appreciate the little things and create new special moments with your child. It does not have to involve big outings, elaborate family activities, or expensive gifts. You only have to really tune in to who your child is and the things that they love. Here are five ways you can celebrate everyday moments with your child and build a stronger bond with them.

Make time for conversation

One of the simplest and most effective ways to foster an emotional connection with your child is simply to talk with them. Even very young babies love to be talked to, so ask them about their day, what they saw, and what they did. Not only will this help you get to know your child better, but it will also help develop their language skills. Older children will enjoy discussing more complex topics, so ask them about their thoughts and feelings on the news, a new movie, or an upcoming test. Just taking the time to talk with your child can make them feel loved and important.

Spend time outdoors playing or taking a walk

Spending time in nature has been shown to have many benefits for both children and adults, including reducing stress, improving mental health, and enhancing creativity. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is a great way to bond with your child while also getting some exercise. You can play tag, go on a nature walk, have a picnic, or just sit and relax in the sun together.

Read together

Whether you are reading a bedtime story or working on a school project, reading together is a great way to spend some quality time. It also helps instill in your child a lifelong love of learning, which early childhood learning centers like Celebree School advocate for to raise independent, thoughtful children. Choose books that interest both you and your child, and take the time to discuss the stories as you read. You can also ask your child to read aloud to you, which will help improve their reading skills.

Take part in your child’s hobbies and interests

Another great way to connect with your child is to show an interest in the things they enjoy. If your child is into dinosaurs, ask them about their favorite one. If they love to paint, go buy some paint and canvas and have a painting session together. Whatever their interest is, try to join in. Not only will you have fun together, but you will also be building memories that you can look back on fondly later on. Plus, by showing interest in what your child loves, you communicate to them that you care about what makes them happy and that you want to be a part of it, which will boost their self-confidence and self-worth—key aspects that support holistic development in children.

Show physical affection

Physical touch is a powerful way to communicate love. A hug, pat on the back, hand on the shoulder, or a kiss on the cheek can make your child feel loved and appreciated. Do not be afraid to shower your child with physical affection. It’s one of the simplest ways to show how much you care.

These are just some of the simple things you can do every day to help strengthen your relationship with your child, but there is no right or wrong way to bond. Go ahead and celebrate everyday moments together, as these can be some of the most special times in your lives!