Find Affordable Child Care in Rockville | Celebree School

You only want the best for your child—but it’s easy to worry about the costs involved. Now, you can make sure your child gets a world-class learning experience at Celebree School® of Rockville! We’ve partnered with the state of Maryland to ensure eligible families can receive affordable child care.

We provide a safe, welcoming, and engaging environment for all ages—from infants as young as six weeks to kids as old as 12 years of age! Our classrooms are staffed by warm and friendly educators who customize learning with every child’s needs in mind. Now, we’re proud to offer affordable child care options wherever possible!

Your Affordable Child Care Options in Rockville

We know how important it is for your child to receive every advantage possible. With Maryland’s Child Care Scholarship Program, you can make sure your little one gets the dedicated care and attention they deserve. Here’s a little more information about this scholarship program:

  • Who can apply? The state of Maryland provides scholarships for children under 13 as well as those from 13-19 with a qualifying disability. Parents must be Maryland residents and must be working, attending school, or participating in an approved training program. Additional income requirements play a role in eligibility.
  • What does the process look like? For families in Rockville, you can apply for affordable child care via the State of Maryland’s online portal! If eligible, you may receive a 60-day temporary scholarship while the rest of your application is fully processed. It’s best to get in touch with the Department of Education for more details.

And that’s not your only option for cost-conscious child care! For our daycare, we also provide part-time programs that can be a great benefit to working parents. This program ensures your little one has a vibrant and safe place to learn, grow, play, and thrive! We prepare them for kindergarten while also ensuring they have the skills to thrive in life.

Giving Your Child The Opportunity To Soar

For families in Rockville and the surrounding areas, our Center makes learning fun for every child. Our educators are passionate about early childhood education and work hard to ensure every student is engaged. We’re proud to be your little one’s home away from home—as well as your source for affordable child care! 

Have questions about affordable child care? Contact Celebree School of Rockville at (301) 579-3601 to learn more.