February Spotlight Shines Bright at Celebree | Celebree School

Valentine’s Celebrations!

FR-Valentines-1  Frederick Celebree Valentines

Frederick held an “I Love You” breakfast for families on Saturday the 15th. Elizabeth Litten and Amy Newell organized the event, while Renee from Spring Ridge took the pictures. Spring Ridge made Monday the 17th their Valentine’s breakfast day. Both events gave children the opportunity to participate in Valentine’s Day events while treating their parents to breakfast, for a change!

Spring Ridge Valentines   Spring Ridge Valentines


Exploring & Celebrating Uniqueness in Crofton

Crofton Unique Snack As part of Black History Month, Ms. Joyce read a poem to the children on the 21st about how we are all unique individuals and all friends. A trail mix snack was served to illustrate how things that appear to be different work together so well. Joyce Ferguson and Ashley Walker made the unique snack event a learning experience that hit the spot!

Learning About Dental Health in Eldersburg

Exploring healthy foods and dental health at Celebree EldersbergOn the 19th, Kelly DeVinney’s Kindergarten Readiness class was treated to a class on what different kinds of foods do to your teeth. The fun part was the experiment that showed the difference between an egg sitting in water and an egg sitting in soda. Afterwards, children dug into their lunches to see what healthy items they’d brought to school.

President’s Day at Rock Spring

Presidents Day Trivia at Rock Spring CelebreeTraci and Shelby, directors at Rock Spring, put together a President’s Day Trivia contest for the teachers on the 17th. Children learned tidbits about our presidents and teachers won small prizes throughout the day!

Cockeysville Turns 7 and 100 Days of School Celebrations

Cockeysville Celebree turns 7 years oldCelebree Cockeysville turned seven years old in February and celebrated on the evening of the 4th with a birthday celebration at Chik-fil-A. Families and staff attended. Children received a Kid’s Meal on Celebree.


Celebree Cockeysville 100 Days of SchoolThree days later, Cockeysville 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and Kindergarten Readiness classes brought the 100th day of school to life on the 7th, with special T-Shirts, games, balloon popping, a 100 day trail mix, and fun times in the bounce house.

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Mascots celebrate Celebree Cockeysville's birthday at Chik-fil-A