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Our Curriculum and the 7 Domains of Learning

Early childhood can be a time of enormous growth and progression, not just physically but emotionally and cognitively as well. It’s an important time for learning—which is where Celebree School® of Nottingham comes in. Through our daycare programs, we focus on educating the whole individual: not just helping kids pick up language skills and math skills, but also building on personal, social, and emotional development.

We accomplish that through a comprehensive curriculum for each age group, which incorporates early childhood education standards as well as our own 7 Domains of Learning. Let’s take a look at what that means.

How We Incorporate 7 Domains of Learning Into Daycare

At our daycare in Nottingham, every day is exciting and full of learning! Here are just some of the areas we focus on through our programs:

  • Personal and social growth. We help kids cultivate social skills and build self-confidence, so they can foster positive and healthy relationships with their peers and adults.
  • Science concepts. We introduce kids to the world around them, encouraging them to explore safely and engaging their natural curiosity.
  • Language and reading. We help kids build up their vocabulary, become familiar with letters and letter combinations, and encourage their interest in reading.
  • Mathematical thinking. We introduce little ones to shapes, numbers, and patterns, helping them grasp the core concepts needed for more complex math concepts.
  • Arts and creativity. Through the arts, kids can harness their creativity, express themselves, and tune up their fine motor skills! We introduce children to all the arts—including visual arts, theater, dance, and music!
  • Social studies. We teach kids to be aware of the social structures around them, giving them an understanding of communities and how they work together.
  • Health and physical development. Kids get to release any pent-up energy through fun activities and physical exercise! They also learn the benefits of nutrition and a healthy mind and body. 

Help Your Child Soar With Celebree School of Nottingham

With our daycare programs, you aren’t just dropping your child off—you’re helping them thrive and excel! Our experienced and trained educators go above and beyond to ensure every little one has a safe and vibrant environment where they can learn every day. We’re proud to welcome families from:

  • Nottingham
  • Essex
  • Middle River
  • Rosedale
  • And throughout the surrounding area

It’s not too late to sign up for our daycare programs! Just contact Celebree School of Nottingham at (410) 864-8226 to learn more.