Daycare in Alexandria, VA: How We Foster Mathematical Thinking | Celebree School

When kids are confident and excited about kindergarten, starting school can be that much more rewarding for them. At Celebree School® of Alexandria, our daycare programs encourage exploration, learning, and discovery, subtly building the skills that kids need to become independent learners. That way, your child can be ready for kindergarten and the world beyond!

We incorporate learning and fun through our dynamic curriculum for each age group. That’s further tailored to each child and their learning style to ensure every little one can get comfortable with concepts like literacy, language, science, and math. Let’s review how we incorporate math into our preschool programs.

How We Incorporate Math Concepts Into Daycare

Math can be a terrifying subject for some students–but cultivating an early interest in math can help young children feel energized about numbers, geometry, and patterns! Here’s how we incorporate math concepts and encourage mathematical learning at Celebree School of Alexandria:

  • Understanding numbers. Numbers are the foundation of all math—and helping kids get comfortable with numbers can give them a confident start in this subject! In daycare, we help kids get familiar with numbers and their relationships—through counting, number recognition, and even basic math problems. That way, they’re already familiar with foundational concepts when they reach kindergarten. 
  • Spatial reasoning and geometry. Understanding shapes and objects can start preschoolers on the path to geometry. During playtime, kids have the chance to examine and play with lots of objects, learning to name the basic shapes around them. Through arts and crafts, they can hone spatial reasoning, too!
  • Identifying patterns. When kids learn to identify and predict patterns, they develop logic, reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Through puzzles, games, and other activities, we surround them with patterns. Whether sorting blocks, reciting the alphabet, or enjoying group reading time, they’ll constantly learn to recognize, identify, and predict patterns around them!

Visit Celebree School of Alexandria With Your Child

When you bring your child to our daycare, you’re helping them get a headstart on learning and life! We offer a vibrant and safe environment for them to play, learn, make friends, and have fun. Why not see for yourself? We encourage school visits from families throughout the community, including:

  • Alexandria
  • Old Town West
  • Huntington
  • Old Town North
  • Eisenhower East
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Visit our daycare with your child! Contact Celebree School of Alexandria at (703) 349-3998 to learn more about our preschool programs.