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How We Introduce Social Studies

The first years of any child’s life can be full of learning, exploration, and discovery. Having a safe and welcoming environment to do that is crucial—which is where Celebree School® of Glen Burnie comes in. At our day care in the BWI Business District/BWI Airport, we help kids cultivate their love for learning and community. We don’t just prepare them for kindergarten and school. We also give them every advantage to excel, so they can thrive in life. 

Many aspects of our curriculum play a role in this—including social studies. Through social studies, our young learners start to discover connections between themselves, their peers, and their community. Let’s look at how we help.

How We Embrace Social Studies Near The BWI Airport/BWI Business District

From the age of three and onwards, kids start to develop concern for others, learn to play cooperatively and reach other emotional and social milestones. Through social studies, we can engage these new skills while helping our little learners cultivate leadership skills, independence, and an understanding of the world around them:

  • They take trips. When kids step outside of day care, they start to interact with their community. It gives them a chance to make meaningful connections between what they’ve learned in preschool and the world around them. Through safe and thoughtful trips led by our experienced preschool teachers, they can visit nearby places.
  • They learn and work with others. Interacting with peers can be a huge benefit of preschool. We encourage our preschoolers to learn, play, problem-solve, and work together whenever possible. This also helps children reach certain developmental milestones and gain an understanding of each other. 
  • They start to see themselves as leaders. When kids learn to value their abilities, respect each other, and care about those around them, it’s easier for them to start building leadership skills. Through our interactive programs, we foster these traits within our young learners so that they can approach the world thoughtfully and with compassion. 

Visit Our Day Care At Celebree School of Glen Burnie!

Why not get a preview of our day care programs? We encourage visits from parents and their little ones who live near:

  • BWI Airport/BWI Business District
  • Glen Burnie
  • Linthicum
  • Ferndale
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Visit our day care classrooms and meet our preschool teachers! For families near BWI Airport/BWI Business District, contact Celebree School of Glenn Burnie at (410) 412-5083 for more details.