Day Care in Towson | Celebree School

At Celebree School® of Lutherville, we aim to build strong relationships with every family we serve. This helps us get to know each child and individualize our care and education around their exact needs. It also helps foster a sense of cooperation and team work, so parents can continue the learning journey at home. It’s just another factor that sets our day care apart and why so many families across Towson, Lutherville, and other nearby areas in MD choose us.

Ways Our Day Care Communicates with Parents

When you want a partner to get your child off to a great start, turn to Celebree School of Lutherville. We’re more than a day care serving the Towson area, but a community of early childhood educators. Our team will ensure your child learns in an environment that’s supportive, encouraging, and holistic. At the same time, you’ll remain involved and informed, so you understand daily needs, as well as bigger picture progress. This includes through:

  • Daily Tweets: Each day, we’ll send you a personalized Tweet, offering details on meals, naps, milestones, and lessons. We’ll also communicate about any news or upcoming events, helping you plan ahead.
  • Family Conferences: Our family conferences will keep you aware of your child’s growth and development. We’ll discuss the results of formal assessments and screenings and show you samples of your child’s work. We can also talk about any challenges, needs, and future learning goals. 
  • Meetings with Teachers: If you have a question or concern, simply let our team know and we’ll schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher. We want to know what’s going on in your child’s life, so we can best support them at school. 

Why Parents Love Our Day Care in Towson

At Celebree School of Lutherville, we embrace the differences and will go the extra mile to help your child grow and develop at their own pace. Communication is key. It enables us to learn about the individual needs of your child, so we can maximize their potential. It also allows you to understand their unique learning style, so you can support and encourage them at home. It’s a partnership approach that will help your child thrive!

Celebree School of Lutherville is more than a day care, but a launch pad for success, proudly serving:

  • Towson
  • Lutherville
  • Timonium
  • And other nearby areas

If you’re a parent looking for a day care in Towson, MD, put Celebree School of Lutherville on your list and call (443) 841-7140 for a visit!