Day Care in Russett, MD: Our Focus on Literacy & Language | Celebree School

Building literacy and language skills aren’t just about helping kids get kindergarten-ready. It’s also about helping them communicate, express themselves, and understand the world around them. At Celebree School® of Laurel, language and literacy are core focuses for our day care programs. For families in Russett, we nurture confidence, creativity, and learning for toddlers and preschoolers. 

We want kids to feel ready to tackle the world—while building up their skills and having a blast! To keep our little ones engaged, we combine hands-on activities with structured learning, critical thinking, social time, and more. Let’s take a look at how we incorporate language and literacy skills.

Combining Literacy and Language Skills With Fun

For toddlers and preschoolers in Russett, our day care finds a balance between engaging, fun activities and learning! When it comes to crucial communication and literacy skills, here’s how we foster these abilities:

  • Learning that’s age-appropriate. Every age group has different learning milestones, so we tailor our programs accordingly! That way, kids can keep up with their peers and get kindergarten-ready. Our curriculum follows the Maryland Early Learning Standards as well.
  • Incorporating creativity and fun. Kids are bright, energetic, and curious, and it’s important to embrace that! Through group participation, hands-on learning, arts and crafts, and even playtime, we help kids advance their language and literacy skills with fun, engaging activities.
  • Literacy skills across subjects. Literacy skills come in handy in every area of learning! That’s why we don’t limit our focus. Instead, we incorporate it into science, math, social time, and other domains of learning. That way, kids learn to communicate with each other and build their vocabulary and grammar—and their understanding of language, too!    

Embrace Early Learning With Our Day Care in Russett, MD

Through our day care programs, we help kids build their confidence and abilities and prepare for the next stage of learning! We welcome families from across the region for our child care programs, including those in:

  • Russett
  • Maryland City
  • Laurel
  • Carriage Hill
  • And throughout the surrounding area

You’ll always share in this remarkable journey with your child! We provide reports and document progress, so you can see the tremendous strides they’ve made throughout their time with us. 

Learn more about our wonderful, engaging day care programs at Celebree School of Laurel! Families in Russett can set up a visit by calling (301) 356-9126.