Day Care in Reisterstown, MD: Our Focus on Literacy and Language | Celebree School

Kids start to pick up all kinds of language skills at an early age—earlier than you might think! These are the skills that help them learn vocabulary, talk in sentences, and get comfortable around words, pencils, and books. At Celebree School® of Owings Mills, our day care program is the perfect place for your child to launch their language skills! We help families in Reisterstown hit those big developmental milestones that are crucial at this age.

Toddlers and preschoolers are bouncing with energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity. It’s the perfect time for them to start honing their language and literacy skills, all within a fun and exciting environment where they can thrive. Our day care offers structure and hands-on learning, with lots of time for play, too! We help them get ready for kindergarten and the world beyond. 

Building Language Skills With Our Day Care in Reisterstown, MD

Kids pick up skills from their peers and are curious and keen to learn from adults! That makes our day care the ideal destination for learning for families in Reisterstown. When it comes to building language skills and literacy, here’s how we help:

  • Age-appropriate learning. Every age group learns differently, and it’s important to celebrate that! We’ve developed a unique curriculum that’s tailored to each stage, including infant, toddler, pre-school, and kindergarten readiness! Our programs adhere to the Maryland Early Learning Standards, too.
  • The STEAM approach. Our approach ensures that kids are picking up language skills in a holistic environment! We help children make connections between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math for structured learning that takes kids’ curiosity into account.
  • Fostering confidence. When kids build up their confidence, they can feel more energized and excited about learning. We mix creativity with instruction, which has the added benefit of encouraging fine motor skills—a valuable aspect of literacy, too!

Pairing Education With Fun For Your Child

Language and literacy can open new doors for your child. They’re key to communicating, learning, reading, and so much more!  Our day care makes it that much easier for kids to hit language and literacy milestones in time for kindergarten. In our friendly, encouraging environment, your little one can become more confident in their skills in all areas of learning! We welcome kids from:

Embrace learning and fun with Celebree School of Owings Mills! To visit our day care, families in Reisterstown can call (410) 517-6096 today.