How Our Day Care in McLean Embraces Interest-Based Learning | Celebree School

Your child isn’t like every other and deserves an individualized approach to education. It’s where Celebree School® of Tysons-Jones Branch can help. With our day care, serving families in McLean, Tysons, and nearby areas in VA, we take a unique approach to the way we teach children. It’s with interest-based learning and means we use your child’s personality, strengths, and abilities as a basis for how they learn. Not only does it get them more engaged and interested, but it also helps them reach milestones with confidence. 

What Is Interest-Based Learning & How Is It Different? 

Most day cares in and around the McLean area have a similar approach to the way children learn. Oftentimes, a teacher will control the dynamic of the classroom, guiding children through the same activities and projects during the day. At Celebree School of Tysons-Jones Branch, we believe there is a better way to educate — one that is more dynamic, creative, and inspiring for children. 

It’s called interest-based learning and uses the topics your child is most interested in to reach and teach them each day. For instance, if your child loves animals, cars, or plants, then their teacher can use these areas as a way to introduce concepts, like early math, literacy, science, comprehension, and more. This keeps them more interested, sparking their curiosity and igniting a lifetime love of learning.

To do this, we’ve partnered with Creative Curriculum. For 40 years, this organization has been a thought leader at the forefront of childhood curriculums. We’ve integrated their online cloud-based curriculum platform, so with a touch of a screen, our preschool teachers can access the resources they need, all based around what interests your child. 

As a result, when your child is in our care, they will be exploring, discovering, and growing by leaps and bounds because they are excited about learning each day. Along the way, the platform allows them to continue to monitor progress to ensure your son or daughter is on track for a successful transition to kindergarten. 

Our McLean Day Care Will Bring Out Your Child’s Best!

We don’t just say we embrace the differences; we actually do, tailoring our education around the needs and interests of every child entrusted to us. In the process, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our teachers are working in a collaborative way with your child, bringing out their best.

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